It takes time a hero image.
It takes time a hero image.
The photo was taken by yours truly, on Nokia Lumia 920 on March 27, 2013, in New York

I am an American Muslim, came to the US in 2002 on an H1B visa, and got a green card then became an American Citizen in 2018. Yup, took me that long. Blame the process ;) During that time, I got married, have children, and now owning a home and two cars, living a typical American dream.

Currently working as a Lead Product Designer designer at Wells Fargo and did my transition into this field in 2012 professionally from the Software Development domain.

I witnessed the rise of Obama, saw Hillary and Trump’s face-off. But, I never experienced the election…


Have you ever promised yourself about a certain habit, and then suddenly, after a few weeks of persuasion, you just lost interest? Well, you are not alone. So many “books” and “articles” and short courses which may going to cost you around $10 to $30, they sell you a promise.

Let me tell you one thing, the core of all those “books” who are trying to point us to the same thing, in one way or another. Which is, “be consistent.”

It is impossible to mimic someone else success. If someone selling you this idea “copy my idea, and be…

Somewhere in San Francisco, ready to Uber, in my Prius back in 2018.

When you first launch the “Medium” to write, you will see “Tell your story” blinking and staring at you.

I am always curious, why are we so drawn into stories? Why are stories so sticky? And how people can “come up” with so many of them? When we see someone eloquently telling stories, we admire them, appreciate them, and always wonder “how they did it?” and “how they got those stories?”, “is my life boring?”

You know, I was like you, lame-duck-boring-person, then after having some training and understanding the “pattern” behind that “mental chaos,” I am always wondering:


Second, from the right, back in 1983, yours truly. Heading toward school in a horse buggy

That picture is from 1983, the first day at school. Dad and mom got me ready, and then when they were seeing me off for my first day at school, this is the photo (in the header) they took. Then next couple of years, it was my ride to school, a horse buggy, with other neighborhood kids. Rain or shine, we always have to have this ride.

During my ride, whenever we reach school, there is a mix of school vans and horse buggy, since that was pretty common in the early to late 80s in Karachi, Pakistan.

Then I…

Image Source:

A long, long time ago, before I was born, back in 1965, there was a drama series on Pakistan Television Network known as Alif Noon. During my late 80s and early 90s, we used to watch the re-run, fun times.

The story revolves around two fellas; one was known as Alaan and Nanah. In Urdu, Alaan starts with the Urdu alphabet, pronounce as “Alif,” and Nanah starts with “Noon,” hence “Alif Noon.”

It was a comedy-drama series, two friends Alaan and Nanah, always devise a plan to start a business. Alaan, on the one hand, always tries to create a…

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

Last night, when I was mentoring via ADP List, one of the mentees asked me, how can I install a process and make sure our team has a systematic approach toward our design day-to-day task and design goals?

My reply was simple: crisp and clean (the strategy I learned from my friend) and an amazing book that I just finished reading, Just Fucking Ship by Amy Hoy).

I told her, “think of it like you are planting. Let say an apple tree.” …

I was lucky enough to score the speaker slot at #5to9Conf hosted by DesignX Community. I approached Preet Arjun Singh and @chantelmegaffin and shared the 5 to 9 achievements I had from my past. They loved the pitch and included me in their speakers’ cohort.

I was super stoked and start preparing for my talk, and I thought if I am presenting something related to a profound colorful culture, my slides should be bright. It was a fun project for me. …

This weekend, we are babysitting the cat, and got interrupted by her constantly — She wants to cuddle with me!

This is how it started…

Today I am learning how to create the “complex interfaces”, which is aptly defined in the following image.

Start watching Silicon Valley Season 6, the speech was good. Then there is a sticky note, my son wanna install a virtual box on his laptop, so he can play with Windows XP, Linux, and MacOSs simultaneously.

This is how it started…

Animation and transition can be abused or can create a pleasurable user experience. Today’s topic is exploring them all together using Swift UI. Let’s dive in.

The interesting aspect is, while I was following the instruction, the first step has a special note which reads:

“Be sure to use the live preview throughout this tutorial so you can experiment with the results of each step.”

Seems like there is a need for an “on-the-fly” preview tool of what you are typing and getting rendered.

This exercise was a bit tough, you need to understand the basics of animation and transition. Another todo for me to get some basics, or maybe trying to learn the “visual” way via ProtoPie or Principle for Mac will help me get the idea done.


The T-Shirt I May Have It!

I was in search of a “motto’ for my ongoing fire that sparks, and now it is driving my engine, helping me getting back into the groove. As I have mentioned in my “MakeMeCodeAgain” series that I was tired of looking for a tech cofounder, and I am broke and don’t have enough savings besides living month-to-month, through my day job. I am happy and feeling blessed, and I know that not many people have that kind of privilege.

However, I had a dream, and I was always dreaming of seeing myself on the world stage as a pioneer, innovator…

Mudassir Azeemi

Finding patterns in chaos. Pioneer of Urdu language on Apple devices! UX/UI Instructor | Speaker | Design Governance Head at Ring Central | Curious

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