Alif Noon/الف نون: Lean Startup Entrepreneurs

Be honest

Suppose you are offering a service. Be honest about it. If you have a roadmap of a product, do share with customers. Also, being a bit cunning is OK, which does not harm the customer, of course, but in a way that you can out-compete your competitor. For that, I recommend the book “Blue Ocean Strategy.” The main theme of this book is said precisely on their website.

Be upfront

Did you make a blunder, accept it, and be upfront about it, no hanky-panky. Just say, “you made a mistake. You apologies for it”. Next step for you? Just fix it.

Be transparent

Your policies should be crystal clear, do not be like a cunning lawyer. Make sure the verbiage in your privacy policies, terms, and condition are obvious and precise. For example, a recent fiasco of those apps sharing our “data” with other companies, and they, in return, sharing that data with the US government.

Be unique

If you noticed, how those two characters are starting a gig is always unique and spontaneous. They do not hold back. They dive in! What they are doing is they ship it! They don’t linger around too much. They improve while they are doing. Your mileage may vary. Some ideas take time because of their context and domain but do ship in the end.

Be empathetic

First, let me clarify something. You cannot be 100% empathetic. Reason? Your pain endurance is different than mine. As humans, we have always going to have a slightly different perspective. It can be similar, but not the same.

Be an observer

Try to understand the “user,” not just listening to what they are saying, but be an acute observer, focus on their content, and choice of words too, plus tone, and body language, we cannot say “oh 7% is just wording, and 93% is all about body language and tone”. Communication is not just 7% words, and the rest (93%) is tone and body language, etc. It is a “myth.” Communication is a whole package. Consider every aspect of it.

Do sell!

Oh, so your idea is bringing tons of users and not bringing a single bit of a penny, and you think it is a success? Unless you are Edhi or Mother Teressa. Likes won’t bring you money, so focus on getting some dollar into your pocket, after all, you are running your services on equipment that you bought it from the store, etc. You get the gist.

Finding patterns in chaos. Pioneer of Urdu language on Apple devices! UX/UI Instructor | Speaker | Design Governance Head at Ring Central | Curious

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