Floating Button and Edge-to-Edge Display

The new twist in our interaction design is on the horizon, Galaxy Note S8 and iPhone X edge to edge display will bring the interesting challenge for the bottom navigation bar.

We have read some good insight why the floating button is not a good idea (https://uxplanet.org/floating-action-button-in-ux-design-7dd06e49144e and https://uxplanet.org/3-alternatives-to-the-floating-action-button-54f6b7c96714) and the thumb-reachability by Steven Hoober in his infamous article (https://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2017/03/design-for-fingers-touch-and-people-part-1.php).

I think if we keep Hoober’s theory in front of us and try to design the interaction for Bottom Navigation Bar, we may find Floating Button a better choice as compare to a plain old bottom-navigation bar.

It seems a natural fit, due to the OS based gestures associated with the bottom part of the display.

What do you think?

Finding patterns in chaos. Pioneer of Urdu language on Apple devices! UX/UI Instructor | Speaker | Design Governance Head at Ring Central | Curious

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