How to monetize the Apple Watch Apps!?

Just like you, I am contemplating the ideas to have an app for Apple Watch. Unlike my previous apps which were free and I didn’t able to monetize it properly due to my inexperience in monetization. I start thinking from the following perspective for my app that I am thinking to get it developed:

  • Hey I have an idea and it seems cool (I ran it with my friends)
  • But dude, how you going to make money out of it?

At the moment I have no idea how iAd or any Ad platform going to work on small screen. But this is what I am thinking to monetize the Apple Watch Apps.

  1. DotAd
  2. Glance Restriction

What is DotAd?

DotAd is an extension of Banner Ad as you are aware of in any regular App you have seen. It will be a bar on top of the Watch App, it will rotate as per the setup and all the bells and whistles of existing Ad features. However the problem with this idea is simple the real estate is limited. And obscuring the 1/4th of a screen real estate with that type of banner will be a big no-no.

What is Glance Restriction!?

Apple Watch Apps do provide the glance feature. As per the Apple Watch Human Interface Guideline

“Viewed together, glances are a browsable collection of timely and contextually relevant moments from the wearer’s favorite apps. Individually, a glance is a quick view of your app’s most important content. The area at the bottom of the glance is reserved for the page indicator dots.” (

To make money out of it, simply put a restriction on the glance-able data.

For example record the number of time user access the glance feature and if they exceed the restricted number ask them to pay for full/unlimited glance feature of the app. The reason is, glance feature of your App is much more useful for an app on Apple Watch. Because as Apple said about Apple Watch is to make it less intrusive like iPhone. There you go, that’s my thought. What’s your say on it!?

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