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It takes time…

Mudassir Azeemi
4 min readNov 7, 2020

I am an American Muslim, came to the US in 2002 on an H1B visa, and got a green card then became an American Citizen in 2018. Yup, took me that long. Blame the process ;) During that time, I got married, have children, and now owning a home and two cars, living a typical American dream.

Currently working as a Lead Product Designer designer at Wells Fargo and did my transition into this field in 2012 professionally from the Software Development domain.

I witnessed the rise of Obama, saw Hillary and Trump’s face-off. But, I never experienced the election firsthand because you can only vote when you are a citizen, by birth or by naturalization in America.

This year, the year 2020, was different for me. My wife and I became a citizen in 2018, voted in primaries, and now we voted in our first presidential election.

As a designer and architect with an entrepreneur’s mindset, I trained my eyes and process so that when I am building a product, I have to see things from “God’s-eyes-view” and “Ant’s-eyes-view,” or in short, zoom out and zoom in. Strategizing aspect of every move, and then being tactical.

What did I learn from this crucial Election 2020? When you have a solid system, no matter what kind of circumstances you will face, the system will work. You need to trust the system. But building a system is the actual thing. You need to earn trust and respect and how the over-arching goal of that system to those who will be impacted and those going to be the stakeholders.

Fun fact, the first presidential election in the US happened on January 7, 1789 (source: Imagine that the USA got independence in the year 1776. They had to go through the revolutionary war, and after fighting and realizing what they have to do, in 1789, they had their first presidential election. It took them 13 years to craft, refine, and agree-upon a process of the fair election system. Hence the world's oldest democracy.

My learnings from this craziness of 2020, besides that pandemic, are as follow:



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