Labeling My Fire: Cornered Tiger

The T-Shirt I May Have It!

I was in search of a “motto’ for my ongoing fire that sparks, and now it is driving my engine, helping me getting back into the groove. As I have mentioned in my “MakeMeCodeAgain” series that I was tired of looking for a tech cofounder, and I am broke and don’t have enough savings besides living month-to-month, through my day job. I am happy and feeling blessed, and I know that not many people have that kind of privilege.

However, I had a dream, and I was always dreaming of seeing myself on the world stage as a pioneer, innovator, etc. I did achieve something similar, being the pioneer of Urdu language on iOS devices. Cool and dandy. It brought fame, but not the money I was looking forward to. I learned my lesson, and then I moved on. I made peace with it.

Now, as a fire to move forward rekindled, and I start learning to code, and the drive to change my life. I am attuned and very much aligned with my fire.

I was looking for a “one-liner” for my drive, and Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish,” a good bit, but don’t have oomph. Then today, while talking to a friend, two words sparked! And those words struck the cord.

Cricket fans can relate to it easily…

“Cornered Tiger”

Before I tell you where “Cornered Tiger” came from, let’s divulge into history. The real phrase is “Cornered Rat,” it was originated in 1800 and become widespread in 1900. And some say it was originated in 1663 (ref: I prefer “Cornered Tiger” instead of “Cornered Rat”.

“Cornered Tiger” phrase was used during an interview by a cricket referee during the 1992 Cricket World Cup of Imran Khan (1992 Pakistani Cricket Team Captain). When the referee asked “Why are you wearing that t-shirt?”, Imran Khan replied, “I want my team to play like a cornered tiger” because they become ultra vicious and very motivated to get out from that corner, to survive, to thrive.

That’s it! My motto is now “Cornered Tiger.” The short and sweet label for my fire! It will help me to motivate myself and my friends with whom, on a separate track, I am working on a couple of awesome excellent ideas.



Finding patterns in chaos. Pioneer of Urdu language on Apple devices! UX/UI Instructor | Speaker | Design Governance Head at Ring Central | Curious

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