Make Me Code Again — Day Five

Start watching Silicon Valley Season 6, the speech was good. Then there is a sticky note, my son wanna install a virtual box on his laptop, so he can play with Windows XP, Linux, and MacOSs simultaneously.

This is how it started…

Animation and transition can be abused or can create a pleasurable user experience. Today’s topic is exploring them all together using Swift UI. Let’s dive in.

The interesting aspect is, while I was following the instruction, the first step has a special note which reads:

Seems like there is a need for an “on-the-fly” preview tool of what you are typing and getting rendered.

This exercise was a bit tough, you need to understand the basics of animation and transition. Another todo for me to get some basics, or maybe trying to learn the “visual” way via ProtoPie or Principle for Mac will help me get the idea done.


Finding patterns in chaos. Pioneer of Urdu language on Apple devices! UX/UI Instructor | Speaker | Design Governance Head at Ring Central | Curious

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