Make Me Code Again — Day Four

Jack Ryan is good, have you start watching the Season 2 yet?

This is how it started…

Today was my fourth day of coding, I had some events on the weekend at home and then got a bit lazy — but then I reminded myself of the big vision why I am doing it. And boom here is the fourth day with Swift UI.

Adding file is a bit tricky if you want to add the file into an existing project, then what you have to do is, to right-click on the desired folder, and click on “new file”. This way it will be “included” into your project. Else it won’t be part of the project roster, and won’t get compiled, etc.

In this exercise, I had to draw using “code”, using Path command and all the bits related to graphic APIs. This was the same reason I never liked the Figma. I wonder if there is a way to “visually” draw something, and then auto-magically it can convert it into SwiftUI code?

I think my next couple of lessons will include the drawing related bit. I need to


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