Make Me Code Again — Day One

My table, my lab — Don’t mind that toy-cat.

This is how it started…

Alright, folks, I started my endeavor with Apple’s tutorial . The purpose of this tutorial was to explore the creation of views and how to combine multiple views — as in user interface.

What bothers me during my adventure? Here are a few things which were unclear for a newbie like me, specifically with the XCode IDE.

When you have to add the images into your app that you have downloaded or made by your visual designer, then you need to add that resource embedded into your project. Coming from the Visual Designer, I was expecting a bit easy interface. However, when I reached step 1 of that process, I got stuck, took me at least 5 mins to find out (and also texting few friends) to find out the “Asset Catalog’s Editor.”

That catalog is accessible by clicking on the “Project navigator” and then clicking on the “Assets.xcassets” folder, and then drag your files (picture, etc.) into that.

Finding Project Navigator was one more gripe I had it with Xcode, what is “Project navigator”? It is the “root” of your project, where all your files are stored and created. How to get access to it?

Simple.. on the top-left corner, you will see the following toolbar, the left-most icon is the “Project navigator.” There is no label, and to find out if you lost it, then you need to hover on each icon to get the “tooltip” pop-up and then see which icon will bring what type of UI for your project.

And finally able to build the first-ever iPhone App using the simple tutorial, next in line is “Building Lists and Navigation” from Apple Inc (



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