Make Me Code Again — Day Three

I love Westworld, a good sci-fi tv series!

This is how it started…

Happy 🎃 fellas! I don’t celebrate Halloween, we don’t do it at home — cultural bit, but we do give candies when someone knocks our door. And kids are happy this way; however, we are not that rigid, so we let them buy the costume for their school parade.

Today was the day for Handling User Input from Apple Inc tutorial.

What I noticed an interesting Observable Object and how to put the “Toggle Switch” that was a pretty neat bit. The tutorial explained it as follow:

It is about an object which will be “observed” by the SwiftUI that got modification and updates. My question is, does it going to maintain the state and stay under observation until the app closes? I will re-read this article to understand a little bit more.

Other than that, I believe this tutorial was easy to follow. I have to re-visit this tutorial to understand a little bit more thoroughly how to bind the “inputs” with an “observable” object and with the data.

See you tomorrow,




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