Make Me Code Again — Day Two

I am the number reason my kids’ juices stash is diminishing at an alarming rate!

This is how it started…

Today, I was exploring the next in series from Apple Inc and Building Lists and Navigation (, and it was a disaster for me, reason? I don’t know where to start, and I was assuming it is going to be exactly where I left from my Day One endeavor.

In my first exercise, I learned how to make the views, and I was hoping I need to continue with the same project files, but guess what? The experience of keeping the same project file is not accurate, in the Building Lists and Navigation exercise. Well, I have to download the project file and open a new project to start following that tutorial.

This is how my folder structure is now.

What are these Models bit? I remember this from my experience of being C# coder ages ago. Then it hits me when I start working on this exercise. It is a Model-View-Presenter design pattern. And guess what? It is something similar to the MVC pattern, which I last remember, was hip and cool. I think the missing part in the tutorial was a bit of an overview to educate a newbie. Here is what I think a good basic intro of an MVP pattern, pretty good.

It is still an issue, in one of my struct related to MapView, I misspelled the “coordinate” and added an extra “i” before “d.” Guess what? Yup, crashed my project, and I had to scratch my head pretty hard, which was shaven bit too much today in the name of “fade.”



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