Mr. Jack, you are unwired — Redux

Somewhere, back in 2003 when I was FOB in Silicon Valley, and came to know the craziness of Americans and Christmas Shopping. Well, around that time December 2003, I was sipping a cup of cappuccino at Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose. I start witnessing some strange behavior of public who were flocking at mall. It was the last weekend before Christmas, and of course things were totally crazy. I start observing what they were talking, and realized that this craziness can be solved.

At that time I envisioned in the context of “What if…”. While sipping a cup of cappuccino and envisioning and eavesdropping to their conversation (just curious nature, I don’t mean no harm), I was fiddling with my Nokia 3660. I wondered what could be the world in next 10 years if our obsession with mobile phones will keep growing day by day. People were flashing their “Windows Mobile 6.0”, and that brand new entry “Treo Palm Pilot”, and that new kid in the town “T-Mobile Sidekick”.

I wrote an article at that time, I named it “Mr. Jack, you are unwired”. I discussed with my friends about it, and they ridiculed me, made fun of my thoughts, they told me “You are crazy”. Guess, what who is crazy now. This is 2014 and we are hearing so many news related to the ideas I discussed at that time such as “UK Apple Wallet Driver License” etc etc.

This article was original posted on, and I am pasting it here for my reference.

“Hey honey, how are you doing?” Jack answers his mobile phone which announces “Your wife’s on the line”, and then nodding his head says “Of course, I remember, we have to be at the Mall, on Blossom Hill Road, what is the name again? Hmmm, yes, Westfield Oakridge Mall” Jack continue, “Okay I’ll pick you at 5.30pm”.

At 5pm he is in the parking lot, unlocks his car from the distance and enters his Car Lock Key in the mobile phone and selects “Yes” for unlock. With a small click 100 feet away in the parking lot, the car lights flash.

He park his car on the a side way. Using the Parking Meters function on the eletronic wallet on his mobile phone, he enters the Parking Meter ID which is visible on the parking meter. Downtown San Jose parking is awful and rates are too high, but convenience can never be compromised.

“Hey honey” Mrs. Jack gets in to the car, and kisses her hubby. “Ready?” Jack inquires, “Yes, Ready Teddy!”, then Jack pulls his mobile phone and sets the “2 Alerts Before Exit” on the Freeway 85 for Blossom Hill Road Exit.

They are driving on Freeway 87 South and once the car is 100 meters away from Junction 85, a voice coming from his mobile phone sitting on the Phone Deck says “Junction 85, 100 meters”. Mr. Jack easily glides his car into the connection lane, and starts getting on the Ramp connecting the 87 South commuters to the 85 South, and once his car is on the 85 South, again the same voice comes from his mobile phone, “Blossom Exit 200 meters, make right for Westfield Shopping Town”.

After 15 minutes, they were in the parking lot, looking for a parking spot, its Friday and it’s the last weekend before the Christmas shopping, people are rushing for shopping, wanting to grab every bit of the shopping mall. He activates the “Search For Parking” mode in his mobile phone, and then finds that on Level 1 there are three spaces available, marked on a map on his mobile phone.

At last they are in the mall, walking and talking and Jack asks “Honey any idea where to start?”. Mrs Jack pulls him to the nearby cafe’. As they settle themselves, ordering two cups of hot mocha, she pulls her mobile phone out from her handbag and starts browsing the “Westfield Shopping Mall” on her mobile phone.

“Honey, did you find the book that you were looking for? “ Jack asks her. “No, not yet, just looking… Yes got it” as she proclaim, heading to the right section and getting the book she was looking for. Using a self service checkout kiosk she beams her credit carddetails and scans the book’s barcode and it’s done! She got her book in less than five minutes.

Jack heads toward the Borders’ cafeteria. Using his mobile phone and selecting the “Item Number 9” in the menu he has just ordered a coffee. After a few minutes a waiter appears exactly where he was sitting and greets him “Hi” and start placing his order on the table.

Mrs. Jack, still looking around for some more books, joins her hubby and asks him “Honey what about Movies?”. Jack nodes his head, and they head towards the Century Theatre, with electronic tickets bought while at Borders’ Café.

Blues Magic. This is what I think it can be done with Bluetooth. We are still far away from the real big implementation of this technology in our daily life. How many of us have Bluetooth equipped mobile phones, laptops and PDAs in general? A report from Frost & Sullivan says Bluetooth shipments doubled in 2003, with 70 million Bluetooth devices predicted to be shipped by the end of that year, and forecasting a steady growth.

An In-Stat/MDR consumer survey found that while many of the respondents were at least somewhat familiar with Bluetooth, there were less this year who had never heard of the term. Although some progress has been made, education still presents a challenge to educate the US population about Bluetooth, what its benefits are, and how this wireless PAN (Personal Area Network) differs from 802.11b wireless LAN. The survey has also shown that there is solid interest in wireless communication between PDAs and PCs, cordless connection to a mobile phone via PDA or laptop, interest in wireless printing and accessing the Internet, and handsfree systems, mobile phones and headsets.

Still according to this survey, a significant percentage of survey respondents do not know if they have a Bluetooth feature on their current mobile phone or not, confirming the need for more consumer education and marketing. In addition, if they have the Bluetooth feature on their phone, not all are using it yet.

Right now we are just in the initial stage of our Wireless world, but I am very sure by 2010 there will be many examples like Mr. Jack, who truly enjoy the availability of Bluetooth everywhere he goes.

We have to figure out where and how we can implement the technology to benefit the general user, that’s why imagination is quite important at this early stage.

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