OneTap: Two-Factor Biometric Authentication

How to utilize your fingerprint and heart pulse for secure transactions, a two-factor biometric authentication

Mudassir Azeemi
4 min readJan 11, 2023



When we talk about authentication, it has some flaws, but nature offered us something unique since the day we were born on this planet. That singular thing exists in us! Our heartbeat and our fingerprint. OneTap is a system and device which provides authentication services using a
combination of fingerprint and pulse identification for many purposes, including but not limited to checkout counter transactions and ATM cash withdrawals. Imagine a world you have seen in sci-fi movies, where you are carrying nothing but can pay and get services all day long, using only one tap.

Idea Inspiration

This is from 2015, so imagine having three kids around 6, 5, and 1 of age. While shopping with them, I encounter some challenges at the checkout counter. Imagine you are dealing with kids from the age range of 11 yo to 3 yo while trying to pay for what you have bought. Things I noticed while having this situation:

  1. Tap/Insert/Swipe the card.
  2. Take your iPhone out and tap on the checkout machine.
  3. Tackling three kids while deciding if I should buy the extra stuff while waiting for my wife to come and rescue me.

While driving home, I thought I had to reach out to my pocket to get the work done, even if I had Google Pay or Apple Pay. This could have been a more user-friendly interaction.

Initial Research

I curated fingerprint-related research from Apple Pay and Google Pay documentation. Then added “heart pulse” details after reading a fascinating article in Wired Magazine from 2014:

However, adding that heartbeat as a unique signature, and combining the fingerprint, made the product more authentic and secure. So I combine the best of the two worlds. And came up with the idea.

While researching in-depth, we also learned how the OneTap idea could help reduce Credit Card related…



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