42 Lessons from #5to9 Conference

I was lucky enough to score the speaker slot at #5to9Conf hosted by DesignX Community. I approached Preet Arjun Singh and @chantelmegaffin and shared the 5 to 9 achievements I had from my past. They loved the pitch and included me in their speakers’ cohort.

Lessons from #5to9Conf

  1. The Notion app to manage your content.
  2. You’ll never know 100% if you’re ready to branch on your own
  3. Set some goals for yourself, even if you want to “target” the specific customer.
  4. Build a stable network around you, learn to give, and you will get an enormous return! More than billion or trillion dollars!
  5. Show up. Just make sure you follow your promise — and don’t shy out!
  6. Be consistent
  7. Learn to say no, which can be read is, “Say yes to less.”. Learn to create a recurring cycle of your service, aka Productizing your service!
  8. Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your might.
  9. [x] type of freelancer that helps [y] with this [z — type of problem]
  10. Make others the hero!
  11. Review your employment contract if they allow you to freelance work or not.
  12. Be active in communities, talk to peers!
  13. Do share your solution with the world!
  14. Measure the idea based on feedback+Level of passion! Super solid.
  15. Design is so much more than an interface.
  16. Stay humble, seek feedback, and keep iterating.
  17. Stop comparing, start contrasting (HELL YEAH!)
  18. Preserving culture is way much more than millions (this was a comment on my talk)
  19. Learn+Apply+Excute!
  20. The courage needed for “I just emailed Tim Cook” This is incredible!! (haha, Thanks, Preet!)
  21. It is okay to be wrong but commit to being better — and keep up with the “doing.”
  22. Being new at something hard, but don’t give up.
  23. Manage your relationship while doing side-gigs!
  24. Be Clear. Be a friend. Be expressive!
  25. Prepare upfront to identify features and possible automation in your side project, and this will help you not get overwhelmed!
  26. What makes you different, everyone else? It is about balance!
  27. Don’t be generic!
  28. Work ethics talent, always.
  29. Understand the industry!
  30. Make aware of regulatory knowledge for that specific industry you are jumping in.
  31. Embrace partners, not affiliated.
  32. Customers are looking forward to the solution, not the technology.
  33. Just don’t do a side-project for the sake of doing a side project.
  34. Start with clear goals!
  35. Set some ground rules!
  36. What you permit, you promote!
  37. Be mindful about monetization, give them a solid reason, and proper value — do not rip-them-off.
  38. Flattery is not a bad idea!
  39. Be creative and make old dead things a whole new thing!
  40. The design shouldn’t just be a 9 to 5 thing.
  41. Don’t be afraid to apply graphic design to all the things around you.
  42. There are so many things out there that didn’t have a thing to do with graphic design, but bring your graphic design hat and see how you can use your skills to make them pop!

Finding patterns in chaos. Pioneer of Urdu language on Apple devices! UX/UI Instructor | Speaker | Design Governance Head at Ring Central | Curious

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