I am following Pakistani Startups for last three years, and I came to know good bit of their design strategy. Your design is like a finger print identification, it tells you all the detail about your unique culture at your work or at your company and their product strategy. Either your product strategy is to clone the famous apps in your own country OR you are the trail-blazer, it is all up to your product strategy.

Couple of days ago, I came to know about a feature in to a famous apps for Pakistan’s job market “Rozee.pk”. The feature is about hailing rickshaw, perfect example of integrating the local transport right from the app.

Then a comment caught my eye on that post, and I replied to that comment:

  1. Integration

If your app is serving let say food delivery then don’t forget to provide some add-on micro services along with that service. For instance, you can provide the mail pick up service with the food delivery. The stance of Rozee.pk in that sense is superb.

2. Culture Artifacts Interface

As you have noticed in the above caption quote, and the image. Instead of “telling user the difference between 1 and 5 star” is the exactly what your should not be thinking. The best approach is “guide” the user, lead them with subtle hint. Tell the story in your local cultural lingo. Now for instance instead of “offering stars” as a measure of satisfaction, use the emoticons. People relate to emotions comfortably. That is the reason of “Like” button enhancement in Facebook.

3. Cultural Artifacts Content

Instead of asking if you were good or bad or so-so, use the cultural nomenclature. For apps in India or in Pakistan, try the following:

  • Bakwas/Saroo = Bad
  • Chalay Ga/Theek Hai = Ok
  • Acha Hai = Good
  • Dhanso / Bhot Ala = Excellent

This will help the user to relate the reaction to their emotions exactly, and in return it will provide the good data. Which will help you to understand your product and get the proper reactions.


Always try to build your product according to the culture, and let your UX be dependant on the culture norm.

Some good reads:

  1. Rate Content UI Patterns — http://ui-patterns.com/patterns/RateContent
  2. UX of Ratings — http://www.bennadel.com/blog/2509-the-user-experience-ux-of-rating-things.htm

If you are a young startup, and you think UX of the product or services is utmost important, then feel free to get in touch with me. Or if you are interested in a 1-day workshop for Rapid Prototyping. www.uxjugaar.com

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